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Tips For Doing Simple Repairs In Your Home

Our homes are living and breathing entities.  Most of us when purchasing a home will tend to purchase a home that is well built and will last the test of time.  However, over time there will come situations where we will need to do some simple repairs.  When this happens, it is important that you take your time and do the job correctly.

Water damage

One of the most common repairs will come from water damage.  This can occur if we have a leaky roof, is the yard floods or if a pipe burst.  When this happens the most common task will be drywall repair portland or.  Drywall is the covering that goes on your walls that we paint.  It is the hard-protective material that closes in the electrical work, insulation and the studs. 

drywall repair portland or

If you have water damage it is vital that you remove any standing water that may be left by using a wet dry vac, heaters and a mop.  Once the water is gone you can assess the situations that have occurred and start making repairs.

When we have water damage one of the biggest concerns is mold growth.  Mold love cold, dark and wet places.  This condition can be caused by water seeping into the drywall and allowing to sit.  Then, mold will begin to form which could cause a lot of health problems down the road.

Leaky pipes

If you have a leaky pipe the first thing that you want to do is shut off the water.  This can be done by a valve under the sink or toilet.  Once the water is turned off you can start doing work on the pipe.  In extreme situations you will want to find the main shutoff valve to your home.  This is typically outside near a hose spigot.  If not, then you will need to get a water key and turn the water off at the street.

When doing home repairs, it is a good idea to look for directions online or in books that will show you step by step how to do things.  If however, the job is too big or will cost more than it would to do it yourself, hire a repair person to come in and take care of the problems for you.

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