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Top Design Elements You May Want In Your Home

Designing your home can be a fun experience.  Picking out the lighting, paint, hardware and countertops are probably the main components that you think of when designing a home.  However, there are so many other elements that you can focus on that can make your home fun and unique.  Once you decide on some of these elements the next step is to contact st. augustine home builders.

Floor Plan

st. augustine home builders

What is the floor plan of your home?  Do you have doors separating each room or do you have more of an open-air feeling where all of the rooms simply blend into each other?  The type of floor plan that you currently have will set the stage for what you will do in your designs.

Walk-in closets

Storage is a major issue in many homes.  Deciding on the option for a walk-in closet can be a great way to have a whole room dedicated to your items. With a walk-in closet you can have your stuff easily organized. Accessible and maintained. 

Recess lighting

Lighting in a home is important.  If we don’t have enough lighting in a room it just seems smaller, darker and unforgiving.  With recess lighting the need to change bulbs, dust lamps and other light sources is removed.  Adding track lighting to some areas as well can allow for some unique light angles and the ability to have a spotlight on some treasured items.

Ceiling fans

Installing ceiling fans in all of your rooms may be a good design option.  With a ceiling fan you can have a light source, air circulation and a design element that brings interest to your home.  There are many different types and styles of ceiling fans and there are many that will fit into your style of home.

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